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Rufus, a Roman tribune during the reign of Diocletianus and the 'hero' of Borges' story, goes in search of The City of The Immortals where the river bestows immortality on those who drink from its waters. A remarkable journey full of trials and tribulations takes Rufus to his goal but at a very high price. In a moving encounter with Homerus, the other actor in this story, he is told that it is foolish to strive for immortality. Borges explores the concept of immortality in relation to the passage of time, life and death. As part of our eternal search for the meaning of life and death we are compelled to contemplate these simple words of Borges' Homerus “Every gesture, every smile, every kiss...could be our last”.

Below is a slideshow of some of the pages included in the book 'L'Immortale'.  If you would like to view the pictures in a larger format then click in the middle of the slideshow.

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