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Every journey, a real journey brings with it discomfort, changes in what we call our everyday routine.  But said discomfort is accompanied by the joy of adventure, surprise. This is my journey and, like an eternal odyssey, it does not let me go ashore at the first piece of 'terra firma' I encounter. This is not because I cannot do so...but only because it does not interest me, it does not stimulate me, it does not arouse my emotions. The real journey, the interior journey, is that I never know where it will lead to, I never know where it will go, what I will encounter, I do not know... it starts in front of a white sheet. Then this travelling of mine takes on a character, almost by magic and I encounter and/or find a direction and I land there. Is the place I encounter beautiful? Maybe not...but there is no turning back... There on that blank sheet, I simply encountered, so as to speak, a mirror, a metaphorical mirror which I look into, which I encounter myself in, which I see myself in and there 'inside' I am the one that is! Then I leave behind everything in order to set off once more in search of a new dream, a new adventure, towards a new  discomfort ... The eternal odyssey remains eternal.

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